This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Custom Code Keeper for Gravity Forms


How does it work?

Custom Code Keeper for Gravity Forms…

  • creates a directory at wp-content/uploads/gravity_hopper/code/.
  • adds a file gf-global-code.php (for housing globally run code).
  • optionally creates/duplicates/deletes a gf-00xx.php file for every form created/duplicated/deleted. (for housing form-specific code)
  • will load all files in the code directory associated with an existing form or having prefix that has been explicitly allowed.
  • allows exporting any number of code files to compressed .zip.
  • introduces a form settings page whereby you can preview relevant custom code and create a file if one doesn’t yet exist.

Please note that Custom Code Keeper is intended for code organization only and doesn’t restrict when code is run. All code from allowed files residing in the gravity_hopper/code/ directory will run for all forms. Always use appropriate hooks and/or conditional checks when targeting specific forms and fields.

Why use it?

Custom Code Keeper provides orderliness to your code customizations, gives you a better sense of the specific code running across your site, and helps ensure your customizations are not lost when other site modifications are made.

Learn more in the walk-through article What is Custom Code Keeper for Gravity Forms?

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After installation and activation on your WordPress site, you will find a new gravity_hopper/code directory for housing your Gravity Forms related code within your WordPress site’s upload folder.


Does Custom Code Keeper load custom code per form?

No. This plugin is intended for code wrangling only and does not restrict when code is run. All code residing in files prefixed with gf- or gform- in the gravity_hopper/code/ directory will run for all forms. Always use appropriate hooks and/or conditional checks when targeting specific forms and fields.

Can I edit the custom code from within my WordPress dashboard?

No. While each form provides a Custom Code previewer, the actual codes needs to be edited directly from within the files housed on your server.

How are files loaded?

Allowed files within the directory gravity_hopper/code/ of your uploads directory will be loaded.

The file gf-global-code.php will always be loaded and will be loaded before other files. If you need to declare classes for use in other code, this is the file in which to do so.

Any files matching prefix patterns allowed via the filter gravityhopper-cck/allowed_file_prefixes will be loaded next.

Finally, any form-specific files named using the convention gform-00xx.php will be loaded next, provided a form matching the ID exists on the site.


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Contributors & Developers

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2.3.1 // 2022.11-Nov.10

✨ IMPROVE: Performance in checking files to load
📖 DOC: Tested up to 6.1

2.3 // 2022.03-Mar.08

🐛 FIX: Load on init rather than gform_loaded to prevent form breakage
✨ IMPROVE: Consolidates multiple calls to GFAPI::get_forms()
✨ IMPROVE: Adds more details to system report
📖 DOC: Simplifies readme file

2.2.2 // 2022.02-Feb.18

🚀 RELEASE: renaming the plugin

2.2.1 // 2022.02-Feb.15

📖 DOC: formats readme file

2.2 // 2022.02-Feb.15

🚀 RELEASE: Initial public launch